About Me

Who Am I??

Houston Texas is the small city where I grew up. Flying planes intrigued me growing up but I eventually landed behind a guitar and piano.  

I moved to Nashville in 2002 to finish my way to long journey through college. After I finished college in 2004, “the real world” showed up at my porch! 

From there I ministered to college students mainly through music but more importantly with a good set of ears. Listening to the amazing stories of college students revealed the greatness of our God.

I found myself living in Texas again when I began seminary in 2007. I learned a lot while in seminary but if you asked me what that was I could probably only tell you about two and a half things. I’ve learned to listen better. Most importantly, I’m intrigued by God’s grace and His continual work in my life; it shapes every part of me.

In 2013, I married the love of my life, Laura and we currently reside in Dallas. In July of 2015 we celebrated the birth of our first child, Mary Claire and then in October of 2018 we celebrated the birth of our second child, Lillian.

These are a few things I find kinda cool:

Houston Astros, baseball, college basketball, singer-songwriters, recording and writing music, photography, expensive gear, the accomplishment that follows hard work and most of all, people’s stories….